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Kaapittiaq relies on the support of businesses, non-profit organizations and funders dedicated to the common cause of strengthening Indigenous cultures and capacity through coffee. This partnership prioritizes the building of Indigenous to Indigenous networks for communication, products and knowledge exchange.


As Kaapittiaq grows, we will create more opportunities for social change and cultural revival.

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Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq

Kitikmeot Heritage Society

Parent Non-Profit

PI/KHS is an Inuit non-profit organization based in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. They started our company as a way to raise more money towards documenting, revitalizing, and mobilizing Inuinnait culture and language. PI/KHS is the 100% shareholder of our company.


Beaver Rock Roastery

Industry Partner

Located in Barrie, Ontario, Beaver Rock is a private label coffee roaster that is helping Kaapittiaq access the equipment and training required to roast its beans. Through Beaver Rock's guidance, Kaapittiaq is building the knowledge and funding to construct its own coffee production facility in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.


Cafe Vasquez

Coffee Bean Supplier

Located in northern Peru, Cafe Vasquez facilitates the direct purchase of coffee beans from Indigenous families. The company is passionate about supporting their partnering communities, and the purchase of their coffee directly supports local farmers

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Government of Nunavut


The Department of Economic Development and Transportation has funded small business initiatives at Kaapittiaq including feasibility studies and transition to online sales


OCAD University


The Business Innovation Initiative (BII) is a joint project of the Business Design and Leading Innovation courses of OCADs SFI graduate program.  OCAD students work in teams and use the tools they have learned in the program to provide high-quality consulting services and address challenges of participating client organizations.

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Investment Readiness Program


Funded by the Government of Canada, the Investment Readiness Program (IRP)  supports social purpose organizations as they contribute to solving pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges across Canada.




CESO empowers people, businesses, communities and institutions to drive economic development through mentorship opportunities. Kaapittiaq has received multiple mentorship sessions with this organization's business profressionals.   

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Coffee Bean Supplier

This female-driven social enterprise from the Boyaca region of Columbia focuses on the development of women entrepreneurs through coffee production. 

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Adventure Canada

Industry Partner

Adventure Canada is a travel organization dedicated to supporting the North. They were Kaapittiaq's first industry client and maintain strong, ongoing collaboration with our company. 


Kitikmeot Community Futures Inc. 

Funder and Mentorship

KCFI supports community economic development in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut. They have been integral in supporting Kaapittiaq's development through business tools and funding. 


Atiigo Media

Industry Partner

Atiigo Media is an Inuit-owned communications firm based in Iqaluit, Nunavut dedicated to helping Northern businesses and organizations get their message across. Atiigo has provided the graphic design on Kaapittiaq's new print media campaign. 

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Hinaani Designs

Industry Partner

We have partnered with the Inuit design company Hinaani to create a new line of merchandise for Kaapittiaq's bold new look. 

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