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At Kaapittiaq, we strive to represent the North as seen by northern people.  When our team sat down to produce Kaapittiaq's first advertisements earlier this year, we wanted a home-grown final product. Something that spoke to Nunavummiut in a language and visual story that they could actually identify with. What better way to do this, we decided, than to have northerners create the advertisements themselves. 

We have partnered with media empowerment group Reel Youth to train a new generation of film makers across Nunavut. Over the course of one month this summer, ten youth participants took part in our virtual workshop to gain valuable skills in storyboarding, videography, post-production and marketing, with the final project to design their own Kaapittiaq commercials that reflect what our company means to them. The results speak for themselves. 

Grab a coffee, roll the film reel, and enjoy Kaapittiaq through the eyes of the people and culture is was created for.  


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